Accurate decisions as to whether or not to extend credit to consumers can now be made within seconds, with the launch of Inoxico’s Debt Review Product Suite.

This is the latest addition to credit information bureau Inoxico’s online Credit Information Portal, a “one stop shop” offering that provides innovative information solutions and access to data in a range of spheres.
“Extending credit has become fraught with perils and complications, with an estimated 220 000 South Africans currently under debt review. The gap, or grey area if you like, continues to remain as consumers might not have judgments taken against them, but are under debt review.
"Our Debt Review Product Suite illuminates this gap and equips the credit provider with the necessary instantaneous information to make an informed decision whether to extend credit to a consumer or not,"  says Inoxico's MD, Dr. Andre Naude.
Inoxico’s Debt Review Suite offers two products: summary reports and detailed reports on consumers’ debt review status. For a minimal charge, credit providers can access the detailed report, which includes the consumer’s personal information, postal and physical addresses, debt counselor information and their debt review status trail history.
The summary report, at a fraction of the cost of the detailed report, confirms whether or not the consumer is under debt review.
Launched in October last year Inoxico, a member of the TriVest Group of companies, has introduced a number of innovations to the credit information industry. Just months before launching the Debt Review Product Suite, Inoxico added a biometric fingerprint scanning capability to its background check service. The facility can significantly speed up the enquiry process into criminal verifications.
By consistently supplying data that is accurate, timely and pervasive, Inoxico has reported a tremendous growth in business since its inception, and continues reports an incline of turnover month on month.
All Inoxico products, including the new Debt Review Product Suite, are available via the online portal, giving clients access to the entire range products 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
These services include detailed statutory and consumer information, monitoring services, analysed company and principal reports, and in-depth research and analysis across the African continent.