LaserCom, one of the country’s largest print and mail bureaus, has chosen to put its faith in global mailstream specialists, Pitney Bowes South Africa, for the supply of its advanced mailing equipment.

Pitney Bowes’ 90 years of global innovation in customer communications and mailing technology made the company a first choice for LaserCom.
This is according to Mario Pereira, divisional director at LaserCom.
“Pitney Bowes is a market leader in a highly competitive industry, and the technology we have invested in from Pitney Bowes will assist us in honouring our service level agreements with our customers, in processing their statements and marketing communication in the most effective way possible.”
LaserCom’s extensive range of customers includes the mobile telecommunications industry, banks, a variety of retailers, as well as municipalities, which all rely on LaserCom for their bulk mailing needs.
Pereira explains that the equipment installed from Pitney Bowes, a total of six folding/inserting machines, offers state-of-the-art solutions and full data integrity intelligence.
“This investment will greatly enhance our high-volume mail processing services to our customers. The integrated software on the mailing machines monitors the full mail process, ensuring that each mail item is accounted for, and alerting us to an anomaly, such as missing or duplicate pages, by customer name.
"This is extremely powerful, as now we not only account for image and envelope counts, but are able to provide an accurate audit as to when a specific customer account got mailed. Let us just say that our customer’s communications are just not numbers amongst volumes, but rather a traceable and identifiable communication in our mailstream.”
The mail insertion capabilities extend to all size envelopes, ranging from DL to C4. It enables a one-step mailing process, including non-standard items and selective insertion of items such as brochures and leaflets.
Pereira enthuses about the file base Tracking and Tracing feature on the intelligent mailing machines.
“The bar coding and file base, which we use on the machines, are ideal for multiple page mailings which involve statements, invoices and other unique customer documents that require matching and placing into one envelope.
"Where our customers still use legacy OMR Optical Mark Reading, we also facilitate this technology, however encourage all our customers to convert to BCR File Base Mailing for the added integrity as this is the way of the future.
“Promotional material can be inserted on a selective basis, for example according to the gender of the recipient, based on information from companies’ customer databases.”
Pitney Bowes has long been known for making its customers more productive and helping other companies grow their business through advanced customer communications.
“Our relationship with LaserCom is a case in point,” says Victor Queiroz, executive manager at Pitney Bowes South Africa.
“We are confident that the tried and tested Pitney Bowes intelligent mailstream technology, based on our global expertise in the field, will continue to enhance LaserCom’s own print and mail service offering.”
With LaserCom’s aim of helping its customers communicate better with their customers, the relationship with Pitney Bowes seems a natural fit.
Says Pereira: “Not only are we dedicated to better communications through advanced mailing systems, but we also see ourselves as helping our customers to increase their customer retention through cross-selling, and through the dynamic management of promotional material.
“The technology from Pitney Bowes will enable LaserCom to deliver on our promises to our customers of quality, integrated and customised mailstream service.
“Not only do we appreciate Pitney Bowes’ ethical approach and strong service levels, but their reputation as global experts in intelligent mailstream technology make us very confident that we made the right choice of supply partner,” he concludes.