Users can now protect their mobile devices and the information on them with Norton Mobile Security. If a mobile device is lost, stolen, or has its SIM card removed, users can remotely disable their mobile device to prevent thieves from using it or accessing private information.

Users can even remotely delete all of their personal information, so cybercriminals can’t use it to steal their identity or money.
“We’ve taken the approach to developing a post-PC era Norton that includes introducing new mobile products, expanding our current products with mobile apps and combining our technology with mainstream consumer brands to protect more people in more places.
"The market reception has been highly positive, and in the coming year we’ll continue creating partnerships and technologies that will bring a trusted name in PC security to mobile and WiFi users all over the world,” comments Con Mallon, director of mobile product management, Symantec Corporation.
Norton Mobile Security lets users remotely disable a phone, erase all personal information and instantly locate the phone, all with a simple text message.
If a phone is lost or stolen, users can locate it quickly and not worry about cybercriminals running up a bill or using private information to steal an identity or hard earned money. It even automatically locks the phone if its SIM card is removed, so if thieves try to use it with another SIM card they are out of luck.
Tired of being harassed by unwanted calls and texts? Norton Mobile Security helps protect user privacy by allowing them block calls and texts from specific phone numbers.
“As Android devices become increasingly popular, there is a greater chance they could be targeted by cybercriminals or more commonly, lost or stolen,” says Mallon.
“We are delighted to now offer customers the ability to secure their smart phones or tablets from physical and online crime with the powerful protection of Norton security.”
When it comes to viruses and other threats, a phone is just as vulnerable to attack as a computer. Norton Mobile Security detects and eliminates mobile threats before they can infect a phone.
It automatically scans all the files and app updates that are downloaded. And it even gives users the option of automatically scanning SD (secure digital) memory cards for threats when users plug them into their phone.
Weekly updates help ensure users have the most up-to-date protection. It only updates when they’re in their home service area, so they won’t have to pay outrageous roaming charges.
Norton Mobile Security is easy to use. It installs with a few simple clicks, and a step-by-step tutorial is included to show users how to use all of the features.