Furthering its leadership in networking, Cisco today introduced new security and management solutions to its Borderless Networks portfolio.

These solutions are designed to help IT departments more efficiently manage the proliferation of mobile devices, changing workforce habits and the impact of video on the network.
The Cisco Connected Technology World Report (2010) found that the user’s demands to work from anywhere with any device, and the use of video to enhance communications, are increasing dramatically.
Cisco is delivering networking technology that enables IT to centrally manage and automate security and access control for any device across the organisation, as well as embedded video and voice to support emerging business trends.
Key highlights of report reveal:
* Security has been one of the top three concerns for IT managers for the past three years. From more sophisticated attacks to end-users still giving access away, and new corporate governance responsibilities, the "to do" list is endless.
* The report states that there are approximately five connected devices per person in operation worldwide, but that number will pale into insignificance in 2013, when it is projected that 140 devices per person will be in operation globally. At the same time, security threats will be on a similarly dramatic trajectory; from 2,6-million identified threats last year, to 5,7-million in 2013.
* Cisco’s Borderless Networks is a comprehensive architecture, which incorporates routing, switching, mobility, security, and wide-area network (WAN) optimisation. This announcement adds several key products to that portfolio.
“What we are witnessing today is what we call at Cisco the Borderless Networks environment where employees can access e-mail, Internet, any information, from any device anywhere, anytime," says Ahmed Etman, Cisco senior manager for Borderless Networks sales, emerging markets central.
"As wireless devices beyond the usual desktop and laptop computers start connecting to corporate networks, the threat window only grows where cyber criminals need to find only a single unguarded 'in' to begin snooping into a network. Therefore, businesses must focus on security to help ensure that their networks and vital corporate information are protected from evolving security threats.”