David Redshaw, former CEO of Bytes Technology Group, has died in Johannesburg at the age of 69.

He was chairman of Bytes UK and a non-executive director of Altron when he passed away, having served Altron for 22 years.
Rob Abraham, who took over from Redshaw as CEO of Bytes Technology Group, comments: "David was a man of the utmost integrity. He taught all the value of hard work, customer relationships, and delivering shareholder value."
Redshaw joined Altron as a financial director of Powertech in 1987, and became CEO of Punch Line/Fintech two years later. After Punch Line delisted, he restructured the group’s remaining businesses under Fintech, which grew rapidly.
He was responsible for the merger of the acquired USKO businesses and Fintech into Bytes Technology Group in 2001, and the establishment of Bytes UK into a successful business.
Dr Bill Venter and Robbie Venter, chairman and CEO of Altron, say: “We honour and respect the legacy David left behind at Bytes, as well as the greater Altron Group, and his vision, wisdom, integrity, commitment, loyalty and dependability will never be forgotten.”