Stratus Technologies, in partnership with Obsidian Systems, has announced the availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux support on the latest version of their ftServer the 6310 model, together with the second generation of their ftScalable Storage product.

The Stratus ftServer 6310’s powerful Intel “Westmere” processor-based server offers a 33% performance increase over the ftServer 6300, and is optimised for traditional large data centre multi-tasking applications with high transaction rates.
The ftScalable Storage G2 is the newest member of the Stratus ftScalable storage array family, which has been designed to address the entry-level and mid-range data storage market segments and is capably configured to support the ftServer 6310.
Muggie van Staden, MD at Obsidian Systems, says, “Well known as the world’s leading open source application platform, Red Hat has tied in with Stratus’ concept of providing continuous availability by putting mechanisms in place for businesses to avert risk and ensure IT environments run smoothly.
“The ftServer 6310, with ftScalable Storage G2, is a sizable combination. It will allow our largest customers to comfortably run up to 25 000 users using Zimbra Collaboration Suite,” he adds.
Pieter van der Merwe, availability solutions architect at Stratus Technologies, says, “With more and more businesses in South Africa acknowledging the benefits of, and shifting towards virtualisation and cloud computing environments, it is crucial that we partner up appropriately to continue offering our uptime assurance on all available platforms.”