Vodacom has revised its data services structure and pricing which will see contract data customers reap savings of up to 43% and get double their data for free with Night Owl, moving the effective savings to as high as 72%.

The move means that from 1 August customers will pay less for accessing the Internet. Customers will now pay as little as 7 cents per MB for data consumption.
"Vodacom's change to red brought with it the promise of real changes to the network, customer service and value. We hope these price reductions will contribute to making the Internet more affordable and give our customers an enhanced connected experience," says Pieter Uys, CEO of Vodacom.
In addition to the savings, all existing and new Vodacom contract customers will be given another allocation of the same size as the subscribed data bundle to use anytime between midnight and 5AM. This service, called Night Owl, previously only on promotion, is now available as standard to all Vodacom contract subscribers.
Contract customers will receive more value from these revised Broadband Standard prices. To illustrate this additional value, Vodacom customers who previously bought a MyMeg 110 data bundle at R88 (80c per MB), will now only pay R49, for a MyMeg 100 (49c per MB) – a cost saving of 39% per MB. They will also get double their data for free resulting in a net saving of 69%.
Existing Vodacom contract subscribers will automatically benefit from the new tariffs and will be migrated to the next bigger bundle size while paying less. For example, current 300MB subscribers will be migrated to 500MB, at a lower overall tariff.
Over and above the Broadband Standard price reductions, Vodacom also provides the following services:
* All Vodacom Broadband Internet customers receive Vodacom's free e-mail service with a storage capacity of 3GB; and
* Two hours of free technical support available for Broadband contract customers. Vodacom technicians come to customer's homes to help them with installing the modem software for the first time, or trouble shooting an existing installation and setting up a free Vodacom email address, including up to 5 aliases. To access free technical support service customers should Call 082 155 during office hours.