UltiSales Retail Software, part of the JSE-listed UCS Group – one of the country’s leading point of sale (POS) software development companies – is diversifying by offering its clients bespoke loyalty programme solutions.

This was confirmed by Steve Mallaby, MD of UltiSales, who says he believes there is a “definite need” among the company’s more than 2 000 clients for “the ability to offer loyalty programmes and associated value added solutions”.
“We have been in the POS and software development market for more than 20 years now, and have seen how important it is to reward one’s customers. Retailing is a highly competitive market, and retailers need to offer customers meaningful rewards in an attempt to retain existing clients, and, hopefully land new ones.”
He says Ultisales will enable its retail clients to offer their customers and consumers tailored loyalty solutions, as “each client has different needs, and therefore each offering needs to be unique in some way”.
With the advent of multi-channel retailing, retailers are reaching customers on a variety of levels, through various technological means.
“It also means that loyalty programmes must be accessible by customers through these various channels, whether at the till point in store, or via a mobile device,” says Mallaby.
The development and introduction of loyalty programmes to its client base would be one of the company’s core focuses.
“We believe this market has great potential. We have a lot of clients out there, not just in South Africa, but in other African countries, who can benefit from introducing loyalty programmes.”