Bytes Technology Group, wholly owned by JSE-listed Altron, has confirmed its status as South Africa’s most empowered ICT group, scoring nearly 15% above its target of 75%. In its most recent BEE rating, the group has scored an average of 89,66 out of a potential total of 100.

This is as rated by Empowerdex, which has confirmed and ratified the scoring.
“We have worked relentlessly to ensure we both achieve BEE targets and contribute to the growth of South Africa,” says Skip Franzsen, HR executive at Bytes Technology Group.
“It is gratifying that we can achieve our targets while continuing to deliver value to customers and shareholders.”
Particular highlights for Bytes in the year under review were:
* Ownership, where the group exceeded requirements significantly, with 22,83 against a possible 20.
* Preferential procurement, where the group scored 19,13 out of a possible 20.
* Enterprise development and corporate CSI, where the group scored a full house out of a possible 15 and 5, respectively.
* LaserCom , which scored 95,44 out of a possible 100.
* Bytes Systems Integration, whose management soared from 1,92 to 5,30.
* Bytes People Solutions, which was named as the BEE star of the year at the annual Altron awards, earning close to 90%.
* Bytes Document Solutions, which breached the 90% barrier for the first time, earning 92,34%. Employment equity in this company soared from 6,53 to 10,43 in the period under review.
“Broad-based BEE is not a nice-to-do, or nice-to have. It is a critical input into addressing the historic inequalities of South Africa, and ensuring all can participate actively in the economy,” says Rob Abraham, CEO of Bytes Technology Group.
“While we are pleased with these results, we will continue to drive our group towards full and proper demographic representivity, and we thank Skip and all our managers for their commitment to this goal.”