NetApp has announced that it was ranked number 34 out of 100 on the Forbes magazine's "World’s Most Innovative Companies" list for 2011.

NetApp was recognised for building a culture of innovation that has transformed the foundation of its customers’ business and been a catalyst to their success.
Most importantly, NetApp innovation provides its customers with the technology, products, people, and service that allow them to out-pace, out-innovate and out-perform their competition to achieve remarkable results for their business.
“NetApp is honoured to be identified as a global innovator – this is great recognition of the innovative spirit that is at the core of NetApp’s DNA,” says Tom Georgens, president and CEO of NetApp.
“NetApp was built on a culture of innovation that has pushed the boundaries of what is possible. We are focused on innovating in all aspects of our business to create a clear competitive advantage. Forbes’ recognition is the result of our employees’ commitment to creating an environment where innovation thrives and hard work leads to better business outcomes for NetApp, our customers, and our partners.”
NetApp’s commitment to making its customers successful with breakthrough innovation has resulted in growth that only a select group of companies have achieved.
NetApp has historically been recognised throughout the industry for continually pushing the limits of today’s technology and being at the forefront of major market shifts by delivering product and technology innovation that has fueled its customers’ success.
This innovation has continued today as NetApp has delivered unprecedented efficiency and flexibility for customers to respond quickly to their rapidly changing business needs. This stream of innovations, many of them around new technologies and markets, continues to fuel NetApp’s growth.
NetApp is also currently ranked as a “Top 10” place to work around the globe for 2011 by the Great Place to Work Institute, based on a unique corporate culture that values creativity, teamwork, open communication, leadership, adaptability and trust. This culture drives NetApp’s innovative technologies, products and business strategies.
By living these values, NetApp employees are empowered to develop new ideas every day and continue to make breakthroughs happen for its customers.
The “World’s Most Innovative Companies” list aims to identify which leading-edge corporations are most likely to succeed now and in the future, based on an eight-year study by Harvard Business School professor and master of disruptive innovation, Clayton M. Christensen.
His colleagues Jeff Dyer, a professor at Brigham Young University, and Hal B. Gregersen, a professor of leadership at INSEAD, also took part in the study. The methodology relies on investors to identify the companies they expect to be innovative today and in the future.  
Embedded in each of these companies is a code for innovation, discernible in their people, processes and philosophies – what Forbes refers to as a “3P” framework for understanding the DNA of innovative organisations.
What does the average company need to achieve in these areas to spark an innovation premium? It needs a fundamental change within senior managers (some mastery of the five discovery skills), changes in how their innovation project teams work (processes that support innovation), and changes in philosophies that foster the belief that innovation really is everyone’s job.