Gateway Communications customers will now be able to purchase pre-paid wholesale data directly from the company’s web site, with the company’s new Gateway Data on Demand making it easier for smaller African ISPs to get connected, without the need for a long-term contract.

This first-of-its kind service will initially be rolled out in South Africa and Ghana, and will then be introduced to other markets including Mozambique and Kenya over the next few months.
“The telecoms sector has recently seen a sharp increase in the number of smaller voice and Internet operators entering the African market, expanding rapidly and aiming to connect across Africa”, says Phil Braden, COO of Gateway Communications. “Gateway Data on Demand offers these clients access to reliable and cost effective capacity whenever they need it, regardless of their size and market share, and allows new players in the sector to control their costs while they become established and gain more customers.
“This innovation also means that operators can manage their connectivity from the comfort of a PC – with a simple sign-in process, customers can purchase what they require quickly and effortlessly.”
The announcement follows the success of Gateway Communciations’ Online Voice platform introduced in July 2010, connecting customers with telecommunication companies that purchase and send minutes to Africa. Gateway Communications is also the only provider to have direct connections to the continent for pre-paid calling platforms.