Companies that pitch in the way that the client thinks can increase their new business success rate by over 30%.

That’s the message from a man who has been identified as one of the top 10 sales trainers in the world by US-based Selling Power Magazine, Dr Tom Sant. Sant has had a revolutionary impact on the way business people communicate.
Sant claims that decision makers follow a predictable thought process when they are making a buying decision. By delivering the content in a way that matches that process, businesses can increase the clarity and impact of their message and improve their win rate. In his experience, companies that have applied this method have averaged a 33% increase in win rate.
“The brain is hard-wired to make decisions in a particular way,” he says. “People who master the art of persuasion know how to use the insights of cognitive psychology, neurolinguistics and neuro-economic behaviour to make their points clearly and effectively.”
In layman’s terms, this means:
* They know how to organise their argument or proposal in the structural sequence that matches the pattern humans use for decision making.
* They acknowledge the importance of delivering a client-centred message – based on two key concepts from psychology: the primacy principle and the phenomenon of cognitive dissonance.
* They know how to pinpoint value that actually matters to the decision maker.
* They are able to ignore their egos and avoid the kind of language – fluff, guff, geek and weasel – that destroys the decision maker's trust in recommendations.
“When a person or pitch team combines these four learnings in their presentation, they truly are a force to be reckoned with,” Sant says.
A former college professor, stand-up comic and founder of two successful firms, Dr. Tom Sant has written more than $30-billion worth of winning proposals.
Named the world's foremost authority on winning sales proposals by the American Management Association, he is the author of the best-selling Persuasive Business Proposals, The Giants of Sales, and The Language of Success.
Dr Sant will be in South Africa for a one-off morning seminar, during which he’ll share the four secrets of persuasion with his audience.