The teenager thought to be the spokesman for the Lulz Security hacking group has been arrested in the UK.

The cybercrime unit of Scotland Yard has arrested an 18-year-old living in the Shetland Islands off Scotland who they believe is one of Lulz Security’s most prominent members with the alias “Topiary”.
Topiary is understood to be the Lulz Security member who controls the group’s Twitter feed – which boasts almost 350 00 followers.
There have been no Twitter updates from the group for almost 24 hours.
Lulz Security has been prominent this year, having hacked or compromised sites ranging from the US’s Public Broadcasting Service to Sony and the FBI. It went to ground last month, but re-emerged to attack some News International online properties and, most recently, PayPal.
Topiary is thought to be a member of both Lulz Security and Anonymous, acting as media liaison for both groups.