With the advent of increased bandwidth in South Africa, thanks mainly to the landing of the Seacom cable, aggressive price cuts by many ISPs have brought value for money to the fore. In addition to improved pricing, this more competitive environment has resulted in ever-better offers for consumers, with more bandwidth and more features being the standard enhancements.

PX Software, a member of the Phoenix Distribution group of businesses, is offering its customers several product choices, including options on ADSL lines, free unlimited 24 hour customer support as well as 100Mb email boxes with anti-virus and anti-spam scanning.

PXNet customers also benefit from some of the lowest rates in South Africa, says CEO Simon Campbell-Young.

“Aggressive pricing, promotional specials, product bundles and advertising always see good results,” he says. “We are ensuring that our customers get the best possible connectivity solution for the best possible price, and we are putting happy to be putting this to the test.”

From 1 July, PX Software has partnered with MWeb with to offer free ADSL connectivity as a 10 day trial for new customers. The company is secure in its offering, and is certain that its pricing and features will persuade trial users to continue with the solution.

“We are confident that this partnership with MWeb will result in growth for both parties. Our offering is reasonably priced and the benefits exceed those offered by most other ISPs. By providing free access for 10 days, we’re putting our money where our mouth is, and giving consumers the opportunity to establish this for themselves,” Campbell-Young says