Further demonstrating its commitment to enhancing the world’s most popular, open source, cross-platform virtualisation software, Oracle has announced Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.1.
New capabilities within Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.1 significantly increase the usability and flexibility of the product by introducing a powerful new virtual machine cloning facility, enhanced large system support, improved remote access and expanded platform and application support.
Oracle VM VirtualBox supports a variety of host operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, Oracle Solaris and Oracle.
Part of Oracle’s comprehensive portfolio of virtualisation solutions, Oracle VM VirtualBox, with over 46-million downloads, enables desktop or laptop computers to run multiple guest operating systems simultaneously, allowing users to get the most flexibility and utilisation out of their PCs.
Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.1 is available as a free download. Enhancements within Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.1 include:
* Powerful new virtual machine cloning – a new facility allows users to easily create clones from existing VMs or even specific snapshots. To save space, users can also now create full clones or linked clones.
* Enhanced large system support – introduces support for hosts and guest VMs with up to 1Tb RAM, as well as scalability for over a thousand VMs on a single host.
* Improved remote access – when accessing virtual machines remotely, the VM can now see and use all monitors as if they were locally connected.
* Expanded platform support – delivers host and guest support for the latest Windows, Linux, Oracle Solaris and Mac platforms.
* Support for Windows Aero – allows Windows 7 guests to use transparency and other Aero effects.
* Enhanced support for guest VM scripting – enables administrators to create automated actions for virtual machines that can copy files, perform setup, configuration tasks and more.
“By significantly enhancing the world’s most popular cross-platform virtualisation software for the second time within a year, Oracle is clearly demonstrating its commitment to both the desktop virtualisation market and the open source community,” says Wim Coekaerts, senior VP, Linux and virtualisation engineering, Oracle.
“With the enhancements that have been introduced in Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.1, customers can benefit from significant usability and flexibility improvements.”