IT and advisory consultancy Barnstone has been appointed the exclusive partner for Trintech in sub-Saharan Africa.
Trintech is a leading global provider of software solutions that optimise the creation of a company’s financial statements.
“Creating financial statements to present to the market has always been an onerous undertaking, and one that has become more and more complex as business has globalised and regulations have proliferated,” says Conrad Steyn, director of Barnstone. “Our clients were continually asking for an industry-leading solution that automated the management of their financial close, replaced fragmented and manual processes with a workflow approach and delivered a high level of control. Trintech delivers all this and more.”
“Offering solutions that significantly reduce the use of spreadsheets and the number of resources required to perform key financial processes is key to our growth” says Tony Bethell, vice-president: EMEA at Trintech. “With our growing global client base it is imperative that we bring on regional partners who can deliver solutions and support our clients locally in order to maintain a superior customer service.”
Trintech coined the phrase “Last mile of finance” to describe the financial closing process, and has developed an integrated platform to assist CFOs meet this important obligation without compromising their ability to play the strategic growth role that is increasingly being demanded. Trintech’s Unity Financial Suite offers solutions for operational reconciliation, general ledger reconciliation, financial close, and financial reporting and filing using the XBRL or iXBRL formats in line with Integrated Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
Paul Byrne, CEO of Trintech, comments: “Barnstone has a deep understanding of financial processes. With over 600 Trintech clients running billions of transactions every day, our collaboration of skills and knowledge will add significant value to clients in this region.”
Steyn adds: “Trintech’s offerings have the potential to add value in a number of areas. One is the increased visibility it gives to the client and the outsourcing provider when finance and accounting processes are outsourced. Given the increasing importance of sub-Saharan Africa as a hub for shared services centres, we believe that Trintech has a potentially vital role to play in the growth of this industry.”