MTN Business customers now have access to a new tool that will allow them to save on telecommunications costs.
The Telecoms Expense Management (TEM) functionality provides a comprehensive, validated view of their overall fixed and mobile telecommunication and mobile data spend, to effectively monitor and dramatically reduce the cost associated with this function. The solution even extends into Internet proxy servers, e-mail servers and multi-functional devices should the organisation want a single cost and productivity view on a per user basis.
The platform, built to accommodate any change on the South African telecoms market due to regulation or other market factors, monitors three key areas of telecom spend: rates, infrastructure and abuse.
“The critical focus on, and subsequent investments into telecoms, means this function now represents a significant portion of operational expenditure for corporate SA,” says Justin Colyn, GM: FMC at MTN Business. “Various analyst resources describe telecom costs as an area that is often overlooked by organisations when it comes to managing its use and abuse.
“Despite its ability to drive business competitiveness, telecoms services and investments are typically viewed as a necessary purchase, not a choice. Couple this with the abuse, misuse and potential fraud, it’s obvious then why companies feel they are ‘over paying’ for telecom services and in many cases they may be paying for services that are often not even required.”
The MTN Business Fixed Mobile TEM Solution is designed to help organisations achieve significant telecom savings by enabling transparency to their telecom expense systems, while still maintaining optimum service levels and improving productivity.
Colyn adds: “In addition to operational level improvement capability, the TEM solution takes strategic decision making to an entirely new level. Access to TEM reports allows management and key stakeholders to analyse and take advantage of other business imperatives. For example, the ability to analyse customer buying behaviour to improve service levels or sales and even to take note of criminal threat pattern behaviours for more effective risk mitigation strategies.”
The MTN Business TEM Solution supports a range of global telecommunication functions, including fixed line services, mobile services and remote office services, and is customisable to any industry type. It also increases financial cost transparency and as such, allows for greater policy adherence and alignment to corporate governance – handing control and management of telecommunications spend back to stakeholders. MTN Business have also implemented the TEM solution internally, to validate its own billing and financial management processes more effectively and further improve its customer service capabilities.