Softline Accpac, the official vendor for Sage ERP X3 in sub-Saharan Africa, is pleased to announce the appointment of Afresh Consult as one of its partners for Sage ERP X3.
Jeremy Waterman, MD of Softline Accpac, part of the Sage Group, says Afresh Consult is well-established in the industry and has the necessary infrastructure and experience that will allow them to collaborate and design a business solution that is unique to the needs of end-users in the market.
Softline Accpac’s solutions are sold exclusively through a network of certified business partners. “Our business partners possess in-depth knowledge of our products and have a solid track record of implementing business solutions that deliver,” says Waterman.
Immo Böhm, MD of Afresh Consult, says the company was established in 2004, with its head office situated in Pretoria and branches in Windhoek and Cape Town.
“Sage ERP X3 is considered to be the ideal solution for small and medium companies who do not enjoy the support of an established IT department. It will complement our existing product offering and will provide us with the means to service this unique market,” says Böhm.
There is unprecedented scope for growth in Africa. “Businesses are becoming more sophisticated and are willing to invest in Africa. Connectivity is opening up and companies are expanding to service an international market.
“Most medium sized businesses typically have to compete with large corporates on the same playing field, which means they need to have the necessary processes in place. One person will wear many hats, and Sage ERP X3 allows the business owner to follow the processes and necessary steps,” Böhm explains.
Afresh Consult will collaborate closely with Softline Accpac to implement projects that will deliver above and beyond expectations.
“Sage ERP X3 is the perfect solution for this budding market because it is a third generation system that is modern, Web-enabled, easy to configure, offers embedded business intelligence functionality, can handle multiple legislative tiers and can be personalised. It fits the price range of mid-market companies and still delivers the functionality that you would expect from a big company,” says Böhm.
Sage, through Softline Accpac, has a massive footprint in Africa and offers its partners a host of skills, support and collaboration, which were crucial elements that Afresh Consult considered in its decision to include Sage ERP X3 in its product offering.
Waterman says that Softline Accpac works hand-in-hand with its business partners to support their initiatives from conceptualisation through to design and implementation and customisation as business requirements grow and change.
“Sage ERP X3 is regularly updated to offer leading edge technology that is relevant, fresh and in tune with business developments across the globe. We are excited about the Afresh Consult business partnership that will open more doors for businesses in sub-Saharan Africa and abroad,” he concludes.