F5 Networks, the global leader in application delivery networking (ADN), has announced powerful enhancements to its application and data security solutions, providing customers with comprehensive security strategies to prevent loss of service and data.
As cyber attacks change and their frequency continues to rise, IT departments are finding it increasingly difficult to effectively address security concerns. Traditional point solutions such as network firewalls, antivirus software and intrusion detection/prevention systems focus on solving specific security issues and are often deployed on individual devices.
This static approach hinders IT’s ability to enforce an integrated security policy and protect applications, users and data.
Modern security attacks are sophisticated and multilayered, using several attack vectors that target the network, as well as underlying applications and data. An attack might begin at the network layer with a denial of service (DoS) attack and then proceed to target application vulnerabilities through a Web browser.
Point solutions, such as traditional network firewalls, are simply inadequate to defend against these types of multilayer attacks because they offer no cross-layer visibility, detection, or protection capabilities.
“The latest rash of security attacks is catching many organisations by surprise because they mistakenly believe their siloed security solutions, such as network firewalls or IPS systems, offer enough protection,” says Paul Ruinaard, F5’s country manger, sub-Saharan Africa.
“While the attacks themselves cannot be prevented, most of the security breaches that result from these attacks can unquestionably be stopped. Defending against such multilayer attacks requires an integrated approach that combines network security, application security, and access control. This type of strategy will be even more critical as organisations begin to move their applications and data into the cloud.”
F5’s new BIG-IP version 11 software delivers a unified platform that helps protect Web 2.0 applications and data, secure DNS infrastructures, and establish centralised application access and policy control.
BIG-IP v11 continues to deliver on F5’s vision of a dynamic data centre, giving IT staff the agility needed to innovate and drive business. It enables organisations to deploy high-performance, scalable services on demand while keeping applications and data secure.