Altech NuPay, a company that has predominantly operated within the micro finance sector, has been shifting their focus to encompass all markets requiring payment and collection solutions. In keeping with this focus shift, the company has created iAccount, a service that gives customers the ability to perform analyses on their bank and cellular account statements.
The Web-based product has been developed to save customers the time and effort of analysing their own statements. Major benefits for customers include:
* It is a Web-based offering, with no software required – iAccount is fully Web-based, which means all statement imports and account analyses are done online. No software is required to be installed. and an account analysis is available from any device with a Web browser.
* Rich reporting highlights spending patterns – a wide variety of user-customisable reporting is available to help identify spending patterns, in order to see exactly where the user’s money goes. Ease of use is key, and the reports can be customised as much or as little as users see fit.
* A real focus on data security – up to five years worth of records can be kept on an iAccount profile. Data is secured by strictly certified protocols. Altech NuPay has 11 years’ experience in dealing with totally secure, sensitive financial data, and this ensures complete security of all confidential data.
* Standard and Pro offerings – customers are not forced to subscribe as paying users, and there is no trial period imposed on them. iAccount Standard allows users to use all the functionality of iAccount for free, with limited customisation. For users who would like full customisation of their reporting and account analyses, iAccount Pro is available for R20.00 per month.
More details can be found on the company’s Web site.
A competition is currently underway, applicable to all new users on either Standard or Pro versions. By signing up with iAccount, users stand a chance to win an iPhone.