O-Tel Telecom has launched its Victoria VoIP Station, a VoIP transit service located at JINX.

While increasing its “infrastructure-as-a-service” portfolio, O-Tel Telecom can now also provide licensed VoIP providers with termination of their calls at interconnect rates.

“Our partnership programme has grown up,” comments Mohammad Patel, CEO of O-Tel Telecom. “We’ve had providers who started off with O-Tel renting five SIP accounts and have grown today to service 500 SIP accounts.”

To accommodate the growth, O-Tel now offers dedicated co-located VoIP switches. Some O-Tel partners outside Gauteng prefer to host their own switches and connect via the O-Tel Dedicated Leased Line service.

Patel adds: “The Victoria VoIP Station is a turnkey solution for VoIP providers wanting to quickly deploy carrier grade voice solutions, consolidating their multiple provider channels into one, or upgrading their reseller status to bona fide VoIP provider, enjoying direct billing hence increasing profitability.

“Current services include broadband connection via Internet, Diginet, leased line, wireless, peering, geographic numbers, number porting and others.”

He adds that the Victoria Station service will soon allow propagation of the provider’s ICASA-allocated numbers.

Similar VoIP Stations will soon be deployed at Cape Town and Durban internet exchanges.