At SIGGRAPH 2011, AMD has announced the latest industry-leading application to support open-source Bullet Physics and OpenCL industry standards. Through its collaboration with AMD, Autodesk has incorporated a new Bullet Physics plug-in, based on OpenCL standards, into the Autodesk Maya 2012 software Subscription Advantage Pack.
Now game developers and 3D artists will have access to new creative workflow capabilities in Maya to help create interactive cloth simulations on a greater range of workstations and PCs, including those based on AMD FirePro professional graphics cards and AMD CPUs.
AMD and Autodesk first publicly demonstrated the Bullet Physics plug-in technology at the Game Developers Conference earlier this year. At SIGGRAPH, there will be demonstrations running on systems powered by the latest AMD professional graphics products.
As a long-standing supporter of industry standards, AMD works closely with leading software companies to optimise their applications on open platforms, while also harnessing the high-end GPU compute power that is enabled by AMD (APP) technology.
Bringing the power of GPU compute and Bullet Physics simulations to 3D content creation enables developers of computer-generated (CG) graphics to bring new levels of realism to life.
“We are committed to providing the CG developer community with high-performance solutions to help unleash their creativity on the screen,” says Rob Hoffmann, senior product marketing manager, Autodesk Media and Entertainment.
“The Bullet Physics plug-in will open up the Maya 2012 software to more graphics hardware options and introduce OpenCL programming interfaces, helping to reduce CG development time and enable a more visual experience for the end-user.”
“We are proponents of industry standards like OpenCL and Bullet Physics because they can simplify programming as well as removing barriers caused by proprietary technologies that can restrict developers’ creativity,” says Sandeep Gupte, GM, AMD Professional Graphics.
“With the new Bullet Physics plug-in for Maya 2012, CG content developers will be able to focus their time and energy on the creation of realistic visuals and amazing special effects for innovative games and movies.”