Being able to work on the move is becoming an increasingly important aspect of the modern business, and 3G has become the standard for mobile connectivity, but being locked into years’ worth of data contracts with a service provider is not always the ideal scenario.
The VKOM 303USB 21Mbps 3.75 USB modem+ from Nology offers the perfect solution – high speed mobile Internet without the need for an inflexible contract.
“Simply insert a data enabled SIM card, plug the USB modem into any PC or notebook, and the auto-install driver will complete the installation. This compact, versatile device is compatible with all South African 3G networks and enables Internet and e-mail access wherever there is an available 3G network, using a SIM card from the network operator of your choice,” says Ross Griffiths, product manager at Nology.
The VKOM 303USB is easy to use, with plug and play technology and auto-installation negating the need for installation downloads or software CDs.
It provides high speed downloads of up to 21Mbps and high speed upload at speeds of up to 5.76Mbps, depending on the network and service provider’s capabilities. It also incorporates SMS functionality, enabling users to send and receive text messages to the SIM card number on their notebook or PC.
“By inserting this compact modem into a broadband router with 3G support capability, users can also share connectivity with multiple users or devices. And because a data contract is not required, the VKOM 303USB is perfect as a failover system for ADSL and other connectivity options, allowing businesses to use 3G as and when necessary in an office environment,” Griffiths adds.
By adding an external antenna, the VKOM 303USB delivers optimal signal strength for the fastest and best quality data signal possible. A MicroSD card slot on the device also enables it to be used as a USB Flash Drive for storing and moving documents and other files.
“Choice is a key factor for today’s consumer, and that includes a choice of connectivity options and a choice of which network operator’s services they wish to use. The VKOM 303USB modem enables users to avoid being locked in to services, allowing them to access 3G Internet connectivity on the go without tying them down to a specific service provider,” says Riaan Leuschner, CEO of Nology.