Tele Atlas Africa, a leading provider of location and navigation solutions in South Africa, has released a cutting-edge Africa Topographic Data product which can be used for humanitarian aid and topographic map production purposes.
Topographic data is used in numerous environmental impact studies, flood line analysis and location studies. This unique product includes valuable detail such as rivers, contours, DEM (digital elevation model) and land use information, over and above the routable roads and places of interest. The product covers every country in Africa as well as the main cities and towns.
“Topographic data is used extensively in humanitarian aid planning, operations and mobility analysis and map production,” explains John Dann, sales and marketing director of Tele Atlas Africa.
“These high level operations require the most up-to-date and accurate data available today, and our new product is fully geared to meet these important requirements.”
Country topographic data is provided at scales ranging from 1:200 000 down to 1:50 000, and the country data includes all features relevant to the navigation industry (such as roads, streets and POIs).
It also includes minor roads, tracks and trails, additional non-perennial rivers, 40m or 20m contours, 30m hydrological DEM and land use information. City topographic data is normally provided at scales ranging from 1:10 000 down to 1:5 000. It also includes minor roads, tracks and trails, detailed non-perennial rivers, 10m or 5m contours, 10m or 5m DEM and more classes of land use information.
Data can be shipped on short order for Africa. Other countries/regions can be ordered and delivered on a turn-key basis.