The growth in telecom subscribers is gradually and surely shifting to the rural locations across India. While rural telecom revenue is expected to be only 24% of total revenues in 2011, it is set to grow to 30% by 2013. Yet connectivity for mobile devices has posed a challenge. GPRS has emerged as a viable option. The difficult part has been the capital cost of the POS device.
Based on valuable feedback from the retail market to provide them with point of sale (POS) terminals, which are wireless (do not have any telephone line connected for them to conduct their business), have good battery backup (as rural India has frequent electricity outages), and are mobile (can be moved from one location to another easily), Oxigen decided to develop a cost effective GPRS POS terminal.
Oxigen has collaborated for the last 12 months in developing a suitable cost effective solution. The new terminal, called OxiSmart, has many superior functionalities which make it a preferred choice for a retailer.
The OxiSmart POS has a number of useful features:
* Inbuilt GPRS, enabled with SIM card.
* More than 300 transactions at a go.
* Supports more than 350 products.
* Long battery back up (approximately eight hours of battery life).
* Takes less time for parameter download.
* Easy product display, with product categorisation.
* Choice to print receipts.
* Economical use of paper for receipts.
* Personalised menu, with item listing as per retailer’s last sale.
* Movable from one point to the other (no fixed location required to conduct business).
* Wireless.
“Oxigen is constantly looking at ways to bring innovation and business enhancing improvements, using newer cutting edge technology, for its retailer networked base of 90 000,” states Pramod Saxena, chairman and MD, Oxigen Services India.
“This new product launch will see immense technological and financial benefit, especially to those retailers in rural India, or in cities that have frequent electricity outages that impacts their business.”
“Oxigen has an ambitious plan to deploy many more GPRS terminals in the next two to three years. The new OxiSmart Terminal developed gives us the much needed fillip to realise this aim,” says Rajpal Duggal, head of group business strategy and corporate planning, Oxigen Services India.
“This development has been very encouraging and we feel that we have found a solution that will change our vision to deliver a world class device at an affordable price for the Indian retailer into a reality.”