Chinese company Hisense has unveiled ITV, a personalised, smart television.

Commenting at the launch, Hisense chairman Zhou Houjian said: “The new product, a result of ‘micro innovation and major revolution’, brings to fruition my childhood dream and is the revolutionary product that I have waited a lifetime to produce.”

Differentiating itself from the tablet-type devices proliferating in the market, I’TV is positioned primarily as a television and only secondarily as a tablet PC, according to Hisense.

It includes big-screen-to-small screen (any cable TV programme received by the living room TV can be transmitted to an I’TV or smartphone for viewing), small screen-to-big screen (any video programme, in particular HD programming found through I’TV online, can be transmitted to the living room TV) and remote screen (watch TV programmes received at home from a remote location).

These features enable multi-screen interactivity and the ability to fully co-ordinate and control the experience, providing anytime, anywhere, on-demand access to mobile TV programming.

In addition, thanks to embedded software applications including intelligent recommendation and social networking, I’TV can function as the Internet access device, an entertainment console, a PC and a tool for socialising.