As technology has evolved and users continue to explore the world, business has moved from being strictly land-based to running at sea and offshore as well.
Connectivity is the cornerstone that enables this distributed environment, and critical applications need to have reliable power protection at all times – no matter where the systems happen to be located.
For systems at sea, power protection for technical equipment onboard vessels and rigs is vital because of the challenge involved in replacing damaged components.
APC’s Smart-UPS Online for Marine and Offshore Environments, that will be available from distributors Drive Control Corporation (DCC) later this year, provides an ideal solution to the UPS needs onboard vessels and offshore platforms.
“In order to cater towards a growing need for intelligent technology solutions outside of the standard business environment, APC has expanded its offering to include UPS solutions designed specifically to manage the power supply to critical applications unique to marine and offshore environments,” says Robert Brandt, UPS and infrastructure product specialist at DCC.
“Navigation and communications equipment are becoming increasingly sensitive and are crucial to the safety and efficient running of ships and offshore rigs. For these devices to function correctly they require clean, uninterrupted power supply.
“The Smart-UPS Online offers high density, double conversion online power protection with scalable runtime, ideal for providing uninterrupted power in these critical marine applications,” he adds.
The APC Smart-UPS Online for Marine and Offshore environments delivers standard network and server protection as well as specialised protection for applications such as propulsion and automation systems, navigation and transmission systems and sound, lighting and entertainment. It also delivers protection for critical Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), VDR and public address systems.
A range of devices caters for a variety of needs is available from 1kVa to 6kVa, is performance suitable for any on-board application, and provides up to 21 minutes of runtime at full load without any external battery supply.
Features include the ability to convert between rack and tower for easy deployment and integration, as well as hot-swappable user replaceable batteries and a robust mechanical design.
All APC Smart-UPS Online models have obtained DNV Type approval 2.4 for marine bridge, deck zone and control room automation.