Silicon Cape has launched the Silicon Cape Academy, a monthly educational event which aims to assist entrepreneurs in developing successful start-up ventures. For every topic, Silicon Cape partners with industry experts to provide start-ups with practical advice on how to run and grow their businesses.

The first topic covered by the Silicon Cape Academy was “Funding for Start-ups”, addressed by Alex Fraser of Invenfi;, Shamillah Al-Qudah and Fadhloe Levy from FNB; and Craig Landsberg and Naim Rassool from the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA).

Rob Stokes, chairman of the Silicon Cape, says: “Entrepreneurs are the backbone of our economy and we need to give them all the support we can. The Silicon Cape Academy offers technology start-ups an opportunity to learn from industry professionals on topics that matter to their businesses: marketing, finance, human resources, the different funding options, how to pitch to a VC and many more.

“We believe that through this free initiative we are delivering a valuable service to our community and helping more South African technology businesses succeed on a global scale.”