&Beyond, one of the world’s leading luxury travel operators, has ensured its guests to the Serengeti National Park have high-speed Internet access through the implementation of a broadband Internet connection service.
Bytes Systems Integration contracted Centurion-based Q-KON to implement a customised solution and provide integrated voice, data and Internet services to &Beyond, which provides some of the finest luxury tourism experiences in Africa and India.
Guests and staff at &Beyond in the Serengeti are now able to share their adventures and experiences in the Serengeti in close to realtime through the new Internet access. They will be able to enjoy 64k uplink and 256k downlink speeds.
As the distributor of a range of telecommunications offerings, Q-KON was able to put together an Internet broadband service (IBS). In essence, the IBS is a point-to-point multipoint first-tier access service that provides a dedicated two-way communication circuit from an on-premise earth station at the customer site to the International Teleport facility in Washington DC over Intelsat’s IS905.
IBS incorporates a number of technologies unique to Q-KON:
* The next-generation Evolution series satellite technology from iDirect that maximises bandwidth efficiency.
* This is achieved by combining the exceptional capabilities if IS905 over sub-Saharan Africa with iDirect’s proprietary DVB-S2 outbound and iDirect patented deterministic multi-frequency TMDA return channels.
&Beyond facilitates moving camps for guests to move with the migrating buffalo and zebra through the Serengeti. &Beyond therefore required mobile Internet connectivity to remote camps in Tanzania for customers and guests.
Q-KON provided a solution which can be easily transported and recommissioned from one location to another as the camps move.
The solution was delivered within six weeks of order, despite the extreme remoteness of the location. It moves along with the camp as tourists follow animals’ migratory patterns.
Mussa Mathayo, manager of Serengeti Under Canvas, which provides &Beyond’s luxury field experiences, says, “Congratulations on such a good job. Now we are also connected to the world. Thank you to all concerned.”
“IBS represents a focus area of telecommunications infrastructure development and application across various sectors in key regions in Africa,” says Q-KON CEO Dawie de Wet.
“In two decades we have delivered many of these solutions to customers across South Africa and elsewhere in Africa. &Beyond has been a benchmark installation for us, and we are delighted to know that we have helped connect them at high speed to the rest of the world.
“We have as a clear vision becoming the most admired ICT group in Africa,” says Patrick Hastings, MD of ATS at Bytes Systems Integration. “Delivering projects such as this through a world-class partner such as Q-KON will take us a long way to this goal.”