One of the most important catch phrases to emanate from the technology sector in the past five years is “the cloud”. This term has brought with it a number of applications which have improved productivity for both the average Internet user and big business alike.
Today, cloud based applications are considered the norm, particularly within the technology sector. Businesses that have been slow to respond to or adopt this trend are often branded as being behind the times or wary of this new technology.
The truth, however, is somewhat more complex and ties more closely into a reluctance to commit large amounts of capital expenditure to cloud based applications on a large scale than an unwillingness to adopt and embrace new technologies.
This is the very same hurdle that local technology stalwart Dimension Data found itself about to cross when the company made the decision to offer implement a hosted video conferencing service for clients based on the principles of cloud computing.
The adoption of early stage video conferencing technology for a large number of Dimension Data’s clients would have proven too costly. This would have resulted in difficulty when trying to achieve return on investment (ROI) on the large capital expenditure associated with rolling out a high scale teleconferencing solution, when only a small percentage of the staff use the technology in the short term.
To combat this, Dimension Data elected to install a Cisco based hosted video conferencing infrastructure which was collaboratively implemented on IS, a leading South African Internet service provider IP network. The system incorporated a MSE 8000 carrier grade bridge, call control and software management.
The fact that Dimension Data implemented this new technology collaboratively has allowed each to mitigate the capital expenditure required for a project of this scale and reduced the need for a short term ROI while providing clients with a cloud based hosted teleconferencing solution.
As a result of the collaboration between Dimension Data and IS, both parties are now able to extend their cloud computing services to include video conferencing, thereby benefitting from an additional revenue stream.
The solution offers thousands of clients a low risk, cost effective and stable service for HD multipoint video conferencing and voice communication without having to make major capital expenditure investments of their own.
Greg Hatfield, GM for Dimension Data cloud services, revealed that the company is extremely happy with the Cisco implementation and the collaborative partnership it facilitated with IS.
“We are now geared for our journey to fulfill our clients’ requirements for a video conferencing service in the cloud. As a result, we have increased our competitive edge and our clients are empowered with a low cost service that ups collaboration.”
This partnership has shown that although it may be costly for big business to implement advanced cloud based services, due to the sheer complexity of the systems required and the capital expenditure involved, collaborative efforts between companies who stand to equally benefit from systems such as this serve to bring the reality of affordable cloud based applications across the board to fruition.