South Africa is among the top three emerging offshore business process outsourcing (BPO) destinations in the world.

This is according to the latest Everest Consultancy survey, which aims to understand companies’ perceptions and plans in terms of choosing global service locations and is made up of 340 respondents across multiple sectors (buyers, service providers and other).

The survey excludes India and the Philippines and focuses on emerging destinations such as South Africa, China, Brazil, Poland, Egypt, Ireland, Morocco, Costa Rico, Mexico and Singapore.

The results of the survey highlight destinations that are most likely to benefit from offshoring in 2011 and beyond.

The results are divided into four specific job categories:

* 0 to 1 000 –  where South Africa placed second behind Singapore;

* 1 000 to 5 000 – where South Africa placed fifth and China held the first position, 7% ahead of South Africa;

* 5 000 to 10 000 – where South Africa placed second behind Brazil; and

* 10 000-plus – where South Africa placed first ahead of Brazil.

“Being listed as one of the top three emerging offshoring locations worldwide is a huge vote of confidence, especially when you consider the quality of service destinations out there,” says Gareth Pritchard CEO of BPeSA Western Cape..

According to BPO analyst John Willmott, MD of Nelson Hall, South Africa will experience substantial growth in the next few years, with continued BPO investment from the UK as well as increased interest from Australia and potentially the US.

“On the back of information from recent offshoring reports, analyst events and investor visits, South Africa is definitely heading in the right direction and I am confident that we will see substantial offshoring investment in the next few years,” adds Pritchard.