IT Management expert CA Southern Africa is now launching four innovative new solutions, as well as a comprehensive initiative that will help service providers rapidly design and deliver new, high-margin cloud service offerings.
CA Technologies is encouraging service providers to sell cloud-based services with a sustainable financial model that helps them drive revenue and efficiencies which can help build profits. The new solutions also support this growth by allowing customised offerings for highly targeted customers, spanning large and small enterprises, as well as consumers.
Service providers continue to lead the way in cloud computing and enterprises of all sizes rely on these partners as they take their first steps toward the cloud.
The need is for solutions that help enable revenue and margin improvements, targeted at specific customer segments, while greatly improving operational efficiency, minimising security, compliance and availability risks and providing better management of the quality of service delivered.
“We are committed to helping service providers unlock the full potential of cloud-based solutions for their customers,” says Andrea Lodolo, chief technology officer at CA Southern Africa.
“While other cloud computing approaches require building costly ‘cloud stacks’ with multiple products, layers and prohibitive pricing models, our unique approach frees service providers from vendor lock-in and helps them improve margins.
“It simplifies the delivery of new services and provides a broad set of choices to help target specific markets with differentiated cloud services. We are continuing to expand our ecosystem of cloud partners and solutions – which is a big benefit for service providers and customers.”
Supporting this approach, CA Southern Africa now offers new solutions.
“The latest version of CA AppLogic offers an application-centric, fast and easy approach for delivering infrastructure, tools, applications and virtual data centres in the cloud,” says Gareth James, solution strategist for cloud computing at CA Southern Africa.
“Service providers can use the CA AppLogic platform to add new revenue-driving services – independent of hypervisor technology – with dramatic speed, flexibility and choice.”
Alongside CA AppLogic 3.0, CA Southern Africa is releasing a new set of automation, assurance and service management solutions with capabilities ideal for service providers.
“The new solutions offer broad support for moving into cloud computing,” says James. “These include CA Automation Suite for Clouds 1.0, providing automation of service delivery and supporting end-user self-service; CA NetQoS Unified Communications Monitor 3.2 for voice and video management services; and CA Business Service Insight 8.0 for clear reporting of service level terms and performance.
“At the same time, we have introduced a cloud market accelerator programme, giving our service provider partners the tools and resources for co-marketing, sales enablement and collaboration. The initiative is designed to provide support throughout the process of developing and delivering cloud service offerings, helping to contribute to their success.
“It will also not only serve to foster an extensive ecosystem of cloud service providers that help make the cloud-connected enterprise a reality but also offer creative business oriented financial models aimed at removing barriers to entry,” James concludes.