Q-KON has launched its Business Broadband Accelerated Service (BB-X) into the market which promises businesses access to satellite-based broadband Internet connectivity and related benefits.
The company is an established engineering group and provider of turn-key solutions and managed network services within the African telecommunications market.
BB-X is an end-to-end business Internet access service that is optimised by content management technology. The access solution eliminates the classical cost-performance constraint of satellite technologies and offers the SME market a completely new paradigm in performance and cost value.
The BB-X solution offers a 5Mbps user experience at ADSL comparative rates anywhere in Southern Africa. It includes an additional firewall and access management services to complete the requirements for providing a world-class access service for the SME market.
The solution was specifically developed to address the budget constraints of SMEs while at the same time unlock the value of true high-speed and uncapped broadband access services.
BB-X provides two-way bandwidth optimisation savings and performance enhancement that operates on a standalone hub device with a remote unit. Hub optimisation is derived from the company’s que-X platform solution.
In terms of connectivity the remote site will gain the full benefit of SCPS-based protocol acceleration and stream data compression in both the upstream and downstream directions.
This is useful for sites that may be moving content upstream or those that require the absolute maximum capacity from a VSAT link.
Acquiring the BB-X service also provides clients with access to Q-KON’s Business Server. Business Server is a powerful network and gateway server, based on open source software, designed for small organisations and distributed environments.
Out-of-the-box features include antivirus, antispam, bandwidth management, VPN and content filtering, which eliminates the need for expensive third-party add-ons.
In addition to business-building advantages of performance enhancement, software features and optimisation to boost connectivity, another key objective of BB-X is to lift the profile of satellite as a preferred solution.
Mobile infiltration and the need for Internet access is driving network expansion says Willem Botha, Platform engineer Q-KON Africa for the BB-X solution.
“We are transferring the value of satellite and ensuring that clients gain access to the advantages of broadband and platform content management technologies.
“The main advantages include open access to satellite, which is not limited to a specified access data rate. Considering the growth in small business development and the need for robust, cost-effective technology and services, we believe this offering has significant value,” says Botha