Nokusa Engineering Informatics (NokusaEI) has implemented a records management solution for Lotterywest, the State Lottery in Western Australia. Engineering Informatics (EI), the Australasian subsidiary of NokusaEI, was selected to handle the project after an extensive consulting process.
Lotterywest is the Western Australian State government authority responsible for running the official State Lottery in Western Australia and for raising and distributing the funds for deserving beneficiaries. It has responsibility both for the collection of funds through the running of lotteries and other games of chance, as well as the distribution of funds through assessment and awarding of grants.

NokusaEI is a privately owned, black empowered South African company, established in 1997 and specialising in strategic business consulting in the area of enterprise content management (ECM). The company is active in many industry sectors in more than 10 countries, from North America, through Europe and the Middle East to Australasia.

A key part of the success of Lotterywest has been the rigorous ways in which potential grants are assessed and awarded. The grants process is very document and records intensive and, therefore, an important requirement was to implement a rigorous system to manage grants-related records.

Abie Spies, MD at EI in Australia, says that the state and federal law in Australia requires Lotterywest to keep accurate records of the grants it makes with money obtained from the lottery.
“The grant process system in Lotterywest is document driven and the organisation needs irrefutable evidence that its grant awards are all above board, meeting the published criteria stipulated for the grants.”

The organisation had implemented SAP as its business management application and was about to implement the SAP Grants for Grantor application. Lotterywest needed a vehicle for the integral management of records related to the grants process, and turned to NokusaEI for assistance.

“While it was important for Lotterywest to manage records in compliance with Federal and State records management requirements, it was also vital to ensure that the creation of and access to the records was totally integrated within the grant’s business processes in SAP,” adds Spies. “Business efficiency was identified as of equal importance to regulatory compliance.”

EI assisted Lotterywest in evaluating different products to meet the grants requirement for records management. The technology that ticked all the boxes was a SAP module – SAP NetWeaver Folders Management – previously known as SAP Records Management.
The advantage of this product over rival contenders was its unique position as a core SAP product that is fully integrated into SAP transactional systems, making the creation, access and use of records seamless and secure.
In addition, the SAP Records Management system was certified to TNA and DoD standards, meaning it has all the records management functionality to meet government standards.
NokusaEI and EI are recognised by SAP as leading experts in implementing the SAP Enterprise Content Management systems and have been involved in more than 150 SAP ECM project implementations.

With EI’s assistance, Lotterywest implemented SAP NetWeaver Folders Management system, the first time this technology was used in Australia. The system went live in July 2011.