VMware, the global leader in virtualisation and cloud infrastructure, has announced the general availability of VMware vSphere5, delivering nearly 200 new and enhanced capabilities to help customers transform IT by driving greater efficiency from existing investments and improving operational agility.
“With the release of VMware vSphere 5, VMware is helping customers accelerate their journey toward a more efficient and automated cloud infrastructure,” says Bogomil Balkansky, senior VP, cloud infrastructure products, VMware.
“The enhancements and new innovations we’ve introduced in VMware vSphere 5 provide a robust, reliable platform for any business application, enabling customers to effectively respond to the growing needs of their business and giving them confidence in their IT transformation.”
The foundation of VMware’s cloud infrastructure suite, VMware vSphere 5, includes new features and enhancements to deliver better application performance and availability for all business-critical applications. It also introduces advanced automation capabilities to free IT from manual processes and allow it to be more responsive to changing business requirements.
“We are very excited about the release of vSphere 5 in the South African market where cloud uptake is steadily growing. We believe that this will bring excitement to the market and encourage more companies to join the journey to the cloud,” says Chris Norton, regional director for VMware southern Africa.
VMware vSphere 5 supports virtual machines (VMs) that are up to four times more powerful than previous versions – VMs can now be configured with up to one terabyte of memory and 32 virtual CPUs.
When combined with VMware vSphere 5’s enhanced high availability, these gains in VM scalability and performance enable customers to virtualise any business-critical applications with confidence in the application’s continued performance and availability.
VMware vSphere 5 also introduces three key new flagship features – Auto-Deploy, Profile-Driven Storage and Storage DRS – that extend the platform’s unique data centre resource management capabilities, delivering intelligent policy management to support an automated “set it and forget it” approach to managing data centre resources, including server deployment and storage management.
Customers can define policies and establish the operating parameters, and VMware vSphere 5 does the rest.
VMware vSphere 5 and the cloud infrastructure suite are supported by more than 25 000 partners, including technology partners, independent software vendors (ISVs), solution providers, service providers, systems integrators and every major global hardware manufacturer.
VMware’s partner community continues to mature as the company consistently sets the bar for innovation in virtualisation and cloud technologies.