Americans view the computer industry the most positively and the federal government the least positively when asked to rate 25 business and industry sectors. All five of the top-rated sectors this year are related to either computers or food.

Topping the list is the computer industry, followed by the restaurant industry and then the Internet industry.

Gallup has asked Americans each August since 2001 to indicate whether they have positive or negative views of a list of business and industry sectors. The 2011 update is from Gallup’s 11 to 14 August survey.

The results range from a +62 net positive rating for the computer industry to a -46 net positive rating for the federal government.

The sectors Americans view most negatively have all had well-publicised problems in recent years.

Americans view four industries more positively now than they did in August 2001: the Internet industry, electric and gas utilities, and the computer and movie industries.

The current 72% positive rating for the computer industry is the highest such rating of any industry since Gallup began tracking business sectors in 2001.

According to Gallup, the continuing high ratings for the computer and Internet industries likely reflect the global success of such US companies as Google, Apple, and Facebook, the technology industry’s apparent success even in this time of economic uncertainty, and the increasingly major role that technology plays in Americans’ lives.