ARC Telecoms has introduced a zero-rated bandwidth offering called After Hours to all customers. It’s a value added service which gives customers unlimited free bandwidth between 10pm and 6am, seven days a week.
“This offering forms part of our continuous commitment to improving and adding value to our existing solutions, such as the recently introduced zero-rated VoIP bandwidth service,” says ARC Telecoms CEO, Steve Briggs.
After Hours gives ARC customers the opportunity to run admin type IT duties that consume bandwidth, such as data backups, software upgrades and database synchronising, without draining bandwidth caps and adding significant costs.
“Saving money is a bonus no matter the size of your business. After Hours is not a new product, but rather an enhancement to ARC Telecoms existing suite, adding extra value to our customers.
“SMEs in particular are cost conscious but still require high quality business grade service. With After Hours, we are able to offer significant value during low utilisation period on the network without compromising the high quality on our business-grade broadband services,” says Briggs.
After Hours bandwidth value-add forms part of ARC Telecoms commitment to ensuring customers get value for money and high quality product and service offerings.