Novell has introduced its Vibe software in South Africa, a program that enables customers to easily create customisable forms and workflows between workgroups while ensuring security and control in the workplace collaboration environment.
“The latest version of the software incorporates feedback from customers and offers enhanced features that meet the specific workgroup and workflow needs of modern organisations,” says Jessica Robinson, Novell partner executive at Novell’s Rivonia headquarters.
“Vibe does for companies and work environments what Facebook does for social interaction. It has evolved into a highly secure and effective business tool that allows companies to securely share workloads between departments or employee groups.”
Robinson adds that Vibe boosts team collaboration and productivity, knowledge retention, document and content management and business process automation, providing better and faster results by bringing people, information and resources together highly efficiently.
Companies can create their own groups of employees for projects ranging from finance to production and from quality control to customer care. The groups can securely share files in real time across different time zones, providing a highly efficient document management environment.
A new group calendar and task synchronisation feature synchronises Vibe calendars and tasks. Robinson says improvements have also been added for customers using Vibe for project collaboration and new capabilities have been incorporated to improve productivity in task management.
“Other enhancements meet the customer demand for better access to information updates in their Vibe system and enhancements to the What’s New user interface and Vibe’s landing pages offer a more interactive What’s New activity stream. Building of landing pages is easy with drag and drop editing, HTML and iFrame widgets as well as new displays for calendars, tasks and surveys.”
Search improvements include basic stemming support, better handling of punctuation characters, stop-word filtering and improved search matching with acute characters.