Fujitsu has announced the new ETERNUS CS800 appliance, which provides affordable data deduplication to help businesses ease the headache of managing ever-growing volumes of data. The next-generation data protection appliance, called ETERNUS CS800 S3, makes disk-based data backup faster than ever before.
In choosing a data backup technology, businesses have been forced to make the trade-off between fast but expensive disk backup, or slower and more affordable tape. Fujitsu is changing that with the introduction of its third-generation ETERNUS CS800 appliance. This uses advanced deduplication technology to reduce the actual volume of data that needs to be backed up, making disk-based backup more affordable.
Improvements to the ETERNUS CS800 S3 mean the appliance is twice as fast as the previous model, while advanced data deduplication reduces backup volumes by up to 95%. Fujitsu’s ETERNUS CS800 S3 appliance also enables seamless centralised backup between branch offices, making overnight backups possible since network traffic volumes are reduced by a factor of up to 20.
As the ETERNUS CS800 S3 is an appliance, it automatically manages all deduplication and data replication functions, plus hardware and software configuration. Ready to run on delivery, the appliance automates and optimises data backup operations in line with network topography.
It provides the performance and scalability to fully protect vital data, and integrates easily into existing backup environments, since it is certified to work with all commercially-available backup software.
Available in capacities from 4Tb to 160Tb, the ETERNUS CS800 S3 automatically transfers data at up to 5,8Tb per hour. An 8Tb network attached storage (NAS) model joins the line-up in addition to the 4Tb NAS model, which is refocused on the specific price/performance requirements of small businesses and branch offices.
A new speed mode provides even faster transfer rates for protecting applications such as databases. Fujitsu Professional Services specialists can help ETERNUS CS800 S2 customers to upgrade to the powerful new functionality of the new generation model, without additional license costs.
“Effectively protecting data is of vital importance to business operations. The rapid growth of data that every company is facing is becoming a complex problem, due to the increase in backup space requirements and longer backup times,” says Jens-Peter Seick, senior VP, product development group at Fujitsu Technology Solutions.
“The new generation ETERNUS CS800 S3 data appliance provides customers with a simple solution to this headache.”
Fujitsu’s ETERNUS CS range simplifies data protection in heterogeneous IT environments, centrally manages backup and restore of data from mainframes, UNIX and x86 systems, and combines the best of disks, tape and deduplication in a uniform and integrated way.
Fujitsu’s ETERNUS CS800 S3 will be available globally October 2011.