The State IT Agency (SITA) turnaround announced at last year’s GovTech conference is well underway, with the agency positioned to start delivering on its mandate.

This is according to Richard Baloyi, minister of Public Services & Administration, who says the first step in the turnaround strategy was to identify the problems.

“The first step was what we called the SITA of today,” he says. “This allowed us to chart features of failure, internal competition and backwardness.

“Since then we have strengthened the governance mechanism and employed men and women of substance at the top of the organisation – and we are seeing remarkable progress.’

A number of projects have been undertaken whereby SITA is working to support government’s initiatives to deliver services, good governance and clean administration.

A key project that is being delivered is the Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS), which will be completed soon and ready for roll-out, says Baloyi.

He also committed SITA, the Department of Public Services & Administration and the ICT industry to the delivery of a government cloud as well as addressing cyber-crime.

GovTech 2011 is underway now.