MWeb is to host the official public EA-ranked servers for one of the most anticipated game releases of the year, Battlefield 3.

The servers will include a number of 64-player instances, which are expected to be the most popular multiplayer cap for the game.

To ensure reduced lag and playability for local gamers, MWeb is buying new top-of-the-range especially to host Battlefield 3.

“Aside from the quality performance from the servers, MWeb will give Battlefield 3 players the best possible gaming experience by giving the game play traffic the highest priority and assurance levels on the network,” says Desmond Kurz, online gaming manager at MWeb. “In fact, all gaming traffic on the MWeb network is given top priority. However, according to early indications, 1Mbps or more would be the recommended line speed to play the game.”

MWeb will also provide beta servers for the community during the open beta programme The company also create an online training programme for members of the public who are interested in taking part in the online multiplayer component, but lack the knowledge or the confidence.