SITA is actively looking to partner with the IT industry, preferably on a shared risk and reward basis.

This is one of the messages from GovTech 2011, where newly-appointed CEO Blake Mosely-Letafola admitted the agency is unable to achieve the goal of modernising government IT on its own.

He cites the example of the Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS), the massive transversal system being developed for the Treasury and which will eventually be used by all government departments.

Some of IFMS modules have already been successfully piloted, while others will soon be rolled out to pilot sites.

“But what we have achieved with IFMS is a drop in the ocean,” says Mosely-Letafola. “We are talking about rolling IFMS out to 150 departments with more than 1,2-million end users.

“It is clear that SITA on its own will never be in a position to succeed in this rollout.

“It is here that we need to talk about partnerships within the industry.”

Partnering will also be key pillars of the new cloud, ICT and governance strategies, Mosely-Letafola adds.

To this end, the new SITA industry engagement model aims to forge partnership with industry more than a supplier-service owner relationship, but to pursue innovation.

In the pursuit of opportunities on what SITA hopes will be a risk and revenue share basis, it expects to help in building an indigenous IT industry inclusive of SMMEs while simultaneously lowering the cost of IT to government.

The agency has already engaged with partners on ways to work together, and these consultations are ongoing.