Specialist local software distributor, Phoenix Software, has expanded its business with the addition of a number of agencies focusing on the enterprise space. While the company continues to concentrate on its consumer brands through its retail division, the channel division is using these additional agencies to grow Phoenix Software’s footprint in the business-to-business area.
“After initiating our channel division a few years ago, we have seen steady growth in our customers’ needs and are intent on meeting them,” explains Phoenix Software CEO, Simon Campbell-Young.
“Our existing product portfolio has been enhanced with the addition of agencies such as ShadowProtect, Propalms and PineApp, and the additional best-of-breed solutions we have added are being welcomed by our enterprise customers.”

He adds that Phoenix Software’s expertise in software distribution has made it an ideal partner for international software companies looking to establish a South African footprint.
“We have a comprehensive range of enterprise security solutions, so it made sense for us to enhance our offering with storage, backup and other essential products. Our established footprint and proficiency in the market made us the first choice for these vendors.”

Just a few years ago, the question of whether enterprise software added value was still up for debate. Not any longer. Executives at top-performing companies now view their software systems as whetstones that keep them sharper than their competitors, and are acutely aware that enterprise systems, properly harnessed, can lead to improved business performance.
Phoenix Software’s years in the industry have put the company in a unique position to provide these types of solutions to a broad range of customers.

“Many of our top-performing clients view software as a competitive asset in addition to a necessity, and they have well-honed strategies for deploying the solutions when and where it matters most. We are proud to be able to offer them the expertise and the know-how to help them find the right solutions for their businesses,” says Campbell-Young.
The growing intensity and global nature of competition and increasing demands from customers, as well as the ever-increasing risks to businesses, make deploying the right enterprise software more essential than ever.
“In the future, enterprise software will increasingly become the cornerstone of a company’s business,” Campbell-Young believes.
“Every company is subject to ongoing change. It must continuously adapt to new requirements due to the need of evolving markets, legal
changes, or business reorganisations. The software they deploy must therefore meet all of these needs as well provide a base for growth.”