The GROW Academy, an initiative aimed at creating digital literacy, is proud to announce that GetSmarter has joined as an official partner. GetSmarter, a high-touch online education company, will offer their Internet Super-User course at a reduced rate to the GROW Academy recruits, bringing a SETA accredited, UCT certification to the initiative.
The Internet Super-User course enables participants to become proficient in Internet use.
“This means that recruits will all start from the same level of digital literacy, allowing us to build specialised knowledge more effectively. It fast tracks the learning process and brings tertiary-level education to those previously without the opportunity,” says Colin Habberton, CEO of the GivenGain Foundation, South Africa, and co-founder of the GROW Academy.
All students who successfully complete the Internet Super-User course will be channelled into a six week intensive programme at the GROW Academy. They will be equipped with digital artisan skills in social media, search engine optimisation, Web development and online campaign and fundraising management. After their training, they will be introduced to internship opportunities at non-profit organisations.
The final step involves apprenticeship opportunities with the corporate sector, where graduates of the academy will have the opportunity to pursue full-time employment or the establishment of their own businesses.
Sam Paddock, director at GetSmarter, comments on the partnership, saying “GetSmarter is thrilled to team up with the Grow Academy in order to understand how high-quality education can be delivered via the Internet and township computer-lab partners to the knowledge-hungry youth who can’t afford expensive education programmes.”