AMD has announced the seven finalists of the AMD VISION Challenge contest, representing Brazil, India, Indonesia, Korea, Russia, Turkey and United Arab Emirates. This worldwide contest engaged youth technology enthusiasts to teach their peers about the benefits of VISION Technology from AMD and AMD Fusion Family of accelerated processing units (APUs) via social media.
The finalists are meeting in Austin, Texas this week to receive the latest AMD technology demonstrations and the guidelines for the second phase of the contest.

“The AMD VISION Challenge contest provides consumers a forum to share their AMD technology experiences with friends and social networks via digital channels. There’s a much higher value placed on peer recommendations when researching consumer electronics, and AMD is engaging and empowering the technology-savvy millennial group to educate their peers,” says David Kenyon, corporate VP, worldwide channel marketing at AMD.
“VISION Technology from AMD is all about delivering brilliant HD experiences to consumers and transforming their PCs into productivity and entertainment hubs, giving youths more choice and options.”

VISION Technology and AMD Fusion APUs enable fast and brilliant HD streaming video, sharp photos, life-like gaming through powerful DirectX 11-capable discrete-level graphics and all-day battery life.
Millennials are demanding more from the computing experience, and AMD is responding to this challenge by continuing to develop innovative technology that offers rich multitasking with a smooth display of graphics and performance that exceed user expectations.
In order to become an AMD VISION Challenge finalist, each youth technology challenger tried to receive the most votes in their country by having peers correctly answer a three-question quiz about VISION Technology and AMD Fusion APUs.
Additionally, the finalists had to submit a formal brief with their initial social media plan for obtaining votes and describe any changes they made to their plan along the way.
The AMD VISION Challenge contest is now entering phase two, whereby the seven finalists will compete against each other. The previous votes have been reset to zero and each finalist will again have to submit a social media plan for obtaining votes.
Phase two will occur in Q4 2011. In order to receive a vote, each challenger’s peer will need to pass a three-question quiz about VISION Technology and AMD Fusion APUs. At the conclusion of phase two, the top youth technology challenger that has earned the most votes will be named AMD’s Worldwide VISION Challenge champion.

The 2011 AMD VISION Challenge Contest phase one finalists are:

* Brazil – Henrique Martin.
India – Abhishek Bhatnagar.
Indonesia – Geraldy.
Korea – Jung Nam Nam.
* Russia – Dmitry Yasinskiy.
* Turkey – Maral Engur.
* United Arab Emirates – LuAnne D’Souza.
Each of the eligible AMD VISION Challenge finalists received an AMD E-Series accelerated processor-based notebook computer and a trip for two to Austin, Texas, with a three-day pass to attend the Austin City Limits Music Festival.