HP has announced HP ArcSight Express 3.0, a unified security solution that transforms the delivery of advanced correlation, log management and user activity monitoring to improve an organisation’s ability to rapidly detect and prevent cyber threats.
Cyberattacks have become common occurrences, increasing the need for companies to manage, store and secure growing amounts of sensitive operational data, while quickly identifying associated security risks.
HP ArcSight Express 3.0 is the first security information and event management (SIEM) product powered by the new correlation optimised retention and retrieval engine (CORR-Engine). As a result, it delivers the scalability required to correlate, process and store vast amounts of data to advance the detection and prevention of cyber threats and risks.
“With the need to manage and secure ever-increasing volumes of sensitive data, enterprises are confronted with a classic ‘big data’ challenge,” says Clive Brindley, HP Software channel manager, South Africa.
“Powered by the CORR-Engine, HP ArcSight Express 3.0 is designed to address this head-on, enabling faster analysis and detection, which in turn reduces the overall cost of combating cybercrime.”
A key component of the HP security intelligence and risk management (SIRM) platform, HP ArcSight Express 3.0 is a single turnkey appliance that significantly simplifies the installation and operation of a SIEM solution.
HP ArcSight Express 3.0 enables IT administrators and security analysts to more quickly respond to business threats than ever before:
Accelerating the rate to correlate incoming events, leveraging the CORR-Engine, by 300% per second.
Improving the ability to retrieve correlated events stored in the CORR-Engine by 500%.
Increasing storage efficiency requiring one-10th of the long-term storage space for correlated events.
* Operating more efficiently with the use of a common data store across SIEM solutions, which provides a seamless workflow that includes real-time detection, alerting, and forensic analysis and reporting.
* Simplifying administrative tasks with an easy-to-use management console that accelerates SIEM deployment and management.
“The new HP ArcSight Express 3.0 solution delivers dramatic performance improvements over previous versions,” says Matt DeVries, information security engineer at Priority Health, a leading provider of health insurance plans.
“The new CORR-Engine technology provides the high-performance backbone that is necessary to keep pace with the growing volume of security data and to detect and respond to sophisticated threats.”