iLAB, South Africa’s largest software testing company, has acquired the remaining 50% stake in the Indiana-based iLAB LLC from business partner WDD.

The two companies joined forces in early 2010, when they jointly setup iLAB LLC in Indiana. The success of the partnership resulted in iLAB acquiring WDD Inc’s 50% stake in the Indiana-based company, in 2011.

WDD initially recognised that software development and software testing werealmost identical disciplines, and established Mobius Labs to provide technology-focused services in the software quality assurance arena. WDD lacked IP and expertise, and as a result a relationship with iLAB was formed by creating a new company, iLAB LLC, and rolling the Mobius Labs entity into the new company.

This not only added value to iLAB LLC through iLAB’sIP but also, through their contribution of South African expertise, set iLAB LLCahead of its competitors.

“It was a partnership perfectly suited for iLAB LLC because of our unique and invaluable experience, and our proven track-record inperformance and automated testing,” says iLAB director Jethro Lloyd.

However, iLAB felt they neededmore independence, and it was decided to acquire the outstanding 50% of the company from WDD.

“It’s a perfect example of a South Africa company expanding and taking its business globally,” Lloyd says. “We have a flawless record of securing business in our chosen markets by bringing new and high-end solutions to clients. The acquisition of the remaining stake iniLAB LLC, with its outstanding team, adds an additional element to our business and endorsesour commitment to being the leader in software testing.  It means we can move forward with our plans to continue our mission of delivering the most advanced solutions to mainstream markets.”

This deal follows hot on the heels of iLAB’s acquisition of Test and Data Services (TDS) in March this year.

iLAB LLC MD Gary Bailey comments: “We have had a successful and mutually beneficial relationship for some 18 months. The two organisations were a force to be reckoned with, when coupled together. This acquisition was a natural progression.”

iLAB has significantly increased its market share in Indianapolis and on both east and west coasts of the US, according to Lloyd. “We’ve grown immensely in terms of our client base, especially in the short term,” he says.