Partnering with Toshiba pays. That’s the simple message given by the company’s Profit for Partners (P4P) preferred partner programme, also known as P4P.
“We like to keep it simple at Toshiba,” says Jorge da Silva, Toshiba’s regional manager for South Africa. “Our partners sell our notebooks and other technology products, and we appreciate it. In fact, we appreciate it so much that we provide them with the tools to make their jobs easier and more profitable, through the programme.”
Toshiba is committed to supporting its channel partners, and works closely with them to maximise every sales opportunity.
“We respect the hard work that it takes to build relationships with customers, and we help them avoid predatory pricing in the competitive marketplace through our deal registration programme,” Da Silva says. “When partners register an opportunity, you will receive discounts on Qosmio, Portege and Tecra, on deals of at least 25 units.”
There is a dedicated support line that is available to Silver and Gold status partners in the P4P programme.
“We also organise quarterly events for our partners, and share vital product and strategy information with them at the Toshiba College.”
Other benefits include rebates on selected notebook products, marketing support and materials, sales leads and technical support.
“In return, we ask that our partners promote Toshiba products, achieve the targets that we agree with them, and report sell out figures accurately,” Da Silva explains. “It is also important that they attend our quarterly events, and to keep with the knowledge we share through the Toshiba College.”
Apart from ongoing sales support, partners stand to win various lifestyle prizes for achieving and exceeding targets. One such reward is a “Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous” weekend that includes a limo-drive to collect the car for the weekend – an Aston Martin DB9 – followed by a weekend of exclusive accommodation, fine dining and a mesmerising hot-air balloon-borne breakfast, all at Sun City.
“Our partners work hard to achieve success with the Toshiba brand, and we want to reward the top achievers with the lifestyle that they dream of,” Da Silva concludes.