The Polytechnic of Namibia has about 12 500 registered students. About 8 000 are based at its central campus in Windhoek, and a further 3 500 are distance learners with access to 10 regional centres around Namibia.
The Polytechnic has mapped out an ambitious e-learning project that aims to make all its lectures and classes available online. The project began by supplying all staff with laptops, and 60% of students are due to have laptops by 2013. Meanwhile, all teaching venues are being equipped with cameras and interactive whiteboards, supplied by Vox Orion, to support live online collaboration.
“This will be of huge benefit to our students in the regional centres,” says PC support manager, Breyten Mouton. “We have already tested it with overseas lecturers giving classes to students in Windhoek, and the results have been excellent. The lecturers were all very happy with how they were able to interact with students.”
Mouton says although the smartboard installation project was done at short notice, Vox Orion performed well.
“Installing all the systems while classes were still going on was a challenge, but they sorted it all out,” he says. “We have an excellent relationship and meet weekly to monitor progress on the project.”