Lorge, the Sage CRM, Sage ERP Accpac and Sage ERP X3 business and accounting software specialist, has supplied financial services and solutions provider Unigem, which administers Botswana’s Government Employees Motor Vehicle and Residential Property Guaranteed Advance Scheme (GEMVAS), with a Sage CRM software solution.
Tailored specifically to meet GEMVAS requirements, the Sage CRM solution enables Unigem to capture and store all of the information required relating to the application by any Botswana Government employee for finance to acquire a motor vehicle, a home or both.
“The software enables Unigem, on behalf of the Government of Botswana, to calculate the affordability parameters of each application, confirm proof of income and obtain the required approval,” says Shelley Gittleson, of Lorge corporate sales.
“The solution streamlines the whole process and the individual applicant can take the documentation and the proof of top-level approval to any bank and quickly obtain the required finance and the insurance.”
By providing an 80% guarantee to the participating lenders, the Botswana Government provides security against default by participating employees and ensures salary deductions at source for loan finance repayments.
In the system back-end, Docuvision is used to store all of the documentation for each transaction, and Unigem is in the process of capturing documents in over 20 000 files.
The Sage CRM and Docuvision systems together create what essentially amount to “digital filing cabinets” containing scanned copies of the documents required for each finance application. Once indexed, the documents can be easily and quickly viewed on the computer screen.
“The system saves considerable time, helps manage bad debt, prevents fraud, avoids loss of documents and reduces printing costs,” adds Gittleson. Lorge also supplied Unigem with the required computer hardware for the system implementation.